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For more information on our patient membership plan call us today on 01344 482 882

CrownWood MediSpa Facial Aesthetics Plan

"You want to maintain your look throughout the year, without having to worry about budgeting for your facial aesthetic care. Well now you can relax with our new CrownWood Facial Aesthetics Plan. It’s affordable and discreet – quite simply it’s a beautiful way to maintain the look you want” - CrownWood MediSpa Team -

The CrownWood Facial Aesthetics Plan is as easy as...

Icon Number 1 Choose the wrinkle reduction plan that meets your personal requirements

Icon Number 2 Pay for an initial course of treatment

Icon Number 3 Pay monthly by Direct Debit for three treatments per year*

*(every four months following an initial course of treatment)

Privilege Plan Ltd, Join Today

You can now register online, simply click the link below and choose your preferred wrinkle reduction plan.

Your membership options

Plans provide three courses of wrinkle reduction treatment per year following an initial course of treatment. Your aesthetics provider will advise which level of plan will be most appropriate for you.


Join a PLAN TODAY and spread the cost of your Beauty

Membership benefits and terms

A minimum of 4 payments must have been accumulated prior to the first treatment.

Selected plan entitles members to receive treatments at four-monthly intervals following payment of initial course of treatment.

Twelve-month entitlement is determined from the date of your second treatment and provided your payments remain up to date.

Members may change the area treated within their plan entitlement.

Examples of one area is crow’s fee/laughter lines (both eyes), glabella (the vertical lines above the nose), forehead frown lines, smoker’s lip lines (above top lip).

Individual additional areas may be taken at the time of treatment, subject to payment in full at the time of treatment.

Failure of the Direct Debit payment will invalidate member entitlements.

Privilege Plan are the administrators of the plan and their name will appear on your bank statement.

Please note: a £10.00 administration fee is charged at the first month’s payment.

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For more information on our patient membership plan call us today on 01344 482 882