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Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding And Sleep Apnoea

If you're looking for an expert dentist to help stop your sleep apnoea and teeth grinding, our competitively priced mouth guards will help.

With over 25 years extensive experience, our highly experienced mouth guard team is led by principal dentist Dr. Chi-Yuen Wong (GDC No. 74689). Dr. Wong has helped reduce the snoring and teeth grinding for hundreds of Berkshire patients and ensures that everyone receives first class treatment and customer service.

dentist mouth guards near me for sleep apnoea and teeth grinding

Choose us for mouth guards and benefit from:

  • One of the best Google rated Berkshire dentists (550+ 5* reviews)
  • Highly skilled and experienced team
  • Competitively priced
  • Custom fitted
  • Welcoming and state-of-the-art clinic

Mouth guard fees

Procedure Private Membership
Adult/Child (one colour) £165 £150
Bite guards / removable retainer £165 £150
Sleepwell From £750 -

Mouth guards for sleep apnoea and snoring

Our dentists can provide custom fitted mouth guards to help stop snoring and sleep apnoea (when your breathing starts and stops during sleep) as they are designed to keep your airways open while you sleep. The guard works with hinges that move the lower jaw forward to help stop it from dropping back and blocking your airway.

They look very similar to sports guards and are made to fit snugly over your upper and lower teeth.

Sleepwell sleep apnoe device / snoring gum shield

The Sleepwell gumshield stops the lower jaw from dropping back during sleep thereby preventing the closure of your airways during sleep – an effective stop snoring remedy. The Sleepwell gumshield is custom made to effectively fit your teeth. 

It is the most clinically successful and advanced two-piece mouth guard on the market thats helps stop snoring.

Choose the Sleepwell device and benefit from:

Mouth guards are also known as night guards, gum shields or sports guards

They are recommended for patients of all ages who are at risk of developing oral health problems due to grinding of the teeth, bite obstructions and impact sustained from contact sports.

There are many types of dental guards, each of which are customised to fit the patient's needs.

Night guards

Individuals who suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding, find that a night guard can help achieve a better quality of sleep, as well as prevent sore and tense muscles around the jaw from constant biting during the night.

A night guard can also protect the teeth from wearing down due to grinding and pressure, which could otherwise cause thinning of the enamel and even make the teeth more prone to decay over time.

Sports bite guards

A Sports Bite Guard is beneficial to athletes who participate in high-contact sports. It is not uncommon to hear of athletes who have sustained serious damage to the teeth and tissues of the mouth that could have been easily prevented or minimised by a mouth guard.

Rugby, football and hockey are some examples of sports in which participants should wear mouth protection.

The mouth guard fitting process

Step 1: Should you decide to be fitted for a professional dental guard, you’ll need a dentist appointment to check your teeth and gums are healthy and if suitable, they’ll take an impression of your teeth. Your dentist will analyze your particular mouth guard needs and make a recommendation for either a hard or soft material based on a professional analysis.

They can pinpoint targeted support areas for a better bite adjustment that will not leave the muscles and tissues in and around your jaw feeling sore or inflamed.

Additionally, with the professional supervision and oversight that a dentist provides, you can quickly identify whether adjustments need to be made to your night or sports guard over time.

Step 2: The impression will be used to create a detailed mould of your mouth. Unlike cheaper over-the-counter mouth guards that can only fit the general outline of your teeth, this impression will map even the smallest gaps and irregularities in your teeth

Step 3: The exact mouth measurements and mould will be used to create a perfect fitting mouth guard from the recommended material.

Essential mouth guard advice