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Invisalign Before And After Pictures

See examples of some of the amazing transformations Invisalign has delivered to our patients by our highly rated and experienced Invisalign dentists.

Invisalign before and after

Why choose Invisalign at CrownWood Dental?

  • One of the best Google rated Berkshire dentists (550+ 5* reviews)
  • Platinum Elite certified Invisalign partner
  • Highly experienced and skilled dentists using the latest techniques and technology
  • Competitive prices with 0% finance* available
  • Quick, safe and virtually undetectable journey to perfectly straight teeth
  • Cutting-edge technology including our superb iTero 3D scanner

*Subject to status. Terms & Conditions apply.

Invisalign examples

Real-life UK Invisalign Lite and Full examples

So, you've heard all the hype about Invisalign teeth straightening and the amazing transformations it delivers for patients. But how do you know whether it's really all it's cracked up to be?

You can see for yourself! Below you can see some fabulous Invisalign results achieved for our patients in Bracknell, UK and should satisfy those looking for help.

These patients came to us with a range of severe and minor orthodontic problems which we were able to correct through our application of Invisalign teeth straightening systems.

Perfecting teeth and transforming smiles quickly, comfortably and discreetly, it is easy to see why Invisalign is the most popular invisible brace in the world.

Below are some example pictures of our patients incredible real life Invisalign before and after worst cases and the problems Invisalign helped to solve.

Invisalign Full - Crowded teeth before and after

Overcrowding of teeth happens when there is not enough room in the jaw for all teeth to sit where they should. This causes teeth to get pushed out of alignment; leading them to appear severely crooked and uneven.

Not only does this ruin the appearance of your smile, but it also makes cleaning your teeth much more difficult. This can also lead to plaque formation, tooth decay, and even increase the risk of gum disease.

With Invisalign, we were able to create more space and reposition the teeth of these patients to create a perfectly straight and beautiful smile. Use the slider to see the Invisalign before and after results below.

Problem: Severe class II malocclusion with deep & traumatic overbite and negative overjet and crowding

Treatment time: 16 months with Invisalign Full

Before Invisalign After Invisalign
Before Invisalign Invisalign case after

Invisalign for crowded and crooked teeth before and after

When teeth are not straight, it can make the mouth appear unusual, make teeth harder to clean, cause uneven wear on the teeth, and even lead to painful jaw disorders.

See the Invisalign before and after photos of our patients in Berkshire below.

Problem: Upper and lower crowding and crooked teeth with an uneven smile

Treatment time: 16 months with Invisalign Full

Before Invisalign Invisalign crowding before and after
Before Invisalign Invisalign for crowded teeth before and after

Invisalign Full - Uneven smile before and after

With Invisalign, we can correct all different types and severity of imperfections to ensure your teeth sit perfectly straight and where they should be. See our patients’ Invisalign before and after crossbite treatment at our Berkshire practice below.

Problem: Uneven smile crowding and misalignment. He wanted to improve and align his teeth perfectly

Treatment time: 18 months with Invisalign Full

Before our Invisalign After our Invisalign
Before Invisalign After Invisalign Full

Invisalign Full - 14 yr old girl before and after

Invisalign helps to guide your teeth together to rebuild your smile. We’ve been helping patients in Bracknell and across Berkshire to smile brightly again with Invisalign for years. To see more Invisalign before and after results, please see below.

Problem: 14 yr old girl was unhappy with her uneven and crowded front teeth

Treatment time: 10 months with Invisalign Full

Before Invisalign full After Invisalign full in bracknell
Before Invisalign After our Invisalign
Before  Invisalign After Invisalign full treatment
Before Invisalign Invisalign Full after

Invisalign Lite - Before and after

Problem: Patient was not happy with her upper 6 front teeth

Treatment time: 6 months with Invisalign Lite

Before affordable Invisalign Lite Example after Invisalign Lite
Before Invisalign Lite Invisalign Lite before and after

Invisalign Full - Bonding and teeth whitening before and after

Problem: Upper and lower crowding and crooked, chipped teeth

Treatment time: 2 years with Invisalign Full, bonding and teeth whitening

Before Invisalign After Full Invisalign
Before Invisalign After Invisalign and whitening

Meet our Platinum Elite Invisalign expert

Dr Chi-Yuen Wong

Dr Chi-Yuen Wong

BDS (Lond)

Dr. Chi-Yuen Wong (GDC No: 74689), has built an excellent reputation for providing invisible braces and offers Invisalign Full, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign i7 and Invisalign Teen. As a highly experienced Invisalign practitioner, Chi was recently awarded with the Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider status.

View Dr Wong’s profile

Why choose Invisalign from our Bracknell practice

As you can see, Invisalign offers patients life-changing outcomes. But what these photos can't show you is how much more pleasant and convenient Invisalign treatment is over many other teeth straightening options.

With shorter treatment times, comfortable custom-made aligners, and a virtually invisible design, it's easy to see why Invisalign is one of the leading teeth straightening solutions in the world.

And, after all Invisalign treatments with us, you'll receive 12 months free aftercare from our Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider status dentists.

But don't just take our word for it! If you're impressed by our Bracknell patients amazing Invisalign teeth straightening transformations, read their personal Invisalign reviews.

See your own Invisalign before and after results

Crownwood SmileView Experience

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Jenna’s Invisalign Journey at CrownWood

Jenna's Invisalign Journey at CrownWood

I am one of the nurses here at CrownWood Dental and have recently started Invisalign. Read about my journey to a new smile.

Our latest 5* Invisalign review via Google Business

"Recently completed an Invisalign programme with Dr Chi Wong at Crown Wood Dentist. I have to say that his experience and methods work really well and I have no complaints. Chi explains the whole process to you and really puts you at ease throughout the course of the Invisalign treatment.

He even arranged to come in on his day off for me to ensure that everything was working to the programme as it should. Since I completed Invisalign, the after care has been fantastic, regularly checking in for examination etc and also if I had any complaints about anything, they would book me in an appointment to sort.

I highly recommend Chi and this dental surgery if you are looking at Invisalign"

Daniel Hellawell

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