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Invisalign® Teen in Bracknell, Berkshire

Invisible braces designed for teens at CrownWood Dental in Berkshire

Invisalign are the global leaders in invisible braces and have a specialist treatment designed for growing mouths; quickly straightening your teenager's teeth in a way that is safe, comfortable, and virtually undetectable. At CrownWood Dental you will benefit from the expertise of our principal dentist, Dr. Chi-Yuen Wong (GDC No: 74689), Dr Wong is a Platinum Elite Invisalign provider.

Invisalign Teen at CrownWood Dental Bracknell

Why choose Invisalign Teen at CrownWood Dental?

  • One of the best Google rated Berkshire dentists (550+ 5* reviews)
  • Platinum Elite certified Invisalign partner
  • Highly experienced and skilled dentists using the latest techniques and technology
  • Competitive prices with 0% finance* available
  • Quick, safe and virtually undetectable journey to perfectly straight teeth
  • Cutting-edge technology including our superb iTero 3D scanner

*Subject to status. Terms & Conditions apply.

A person’s teenage years are, without a doubt, the best time to straighten imperfect teeth. When a person’s adult teeth have come through, their jaw bone and facial structure are still developing. Teeth are much easier to adjust and results are more likely to last.

However, teenagers are also notoriously self-conscious. Traditional train track braces are not for everyone, and no one wants their child to feel worried about their appearance during their treatment.

If your teenager needs teeth straightening treatment, you may want to consider Invisalign Teen at our practice in Bracknell, Berkshire.

What is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen clear braces are especially made to fit perfectly around your child’s teeth. As with traditional Invisalign treatments, they involve a series of custom-created aligners that are changed every two weeks.

They sit comfortably around the teeth and apply gentle pressure in certain areas; encouraging the teeth to move into better alignment.

The Invisalign Teen aligners are also made of a medical grade plastic-like material – meaning they are virtually invisible in the mouth.

Your teenager can also easily remove their braces at any time to allow for easy cleaning, brushing, flossing and eating. They can also take their Invisalign Teen aligners out for confident smiles in those all-important selfies.

How much does Invisalign Teen in Bracknell cost?

Our Invisalign Teen treatment package includes:

  • Extensive records including all impressions, 3D digital scans, photos and x-rays you may need
  • A 3D virtual treatment plan using our specialist ClinCheck® technology
  • An unlimited number of Invisalign Teen aligners
  • Unlimited refinement and additional aligners during treatment to compensate growth in teenagers’ mouths
  • Bespoke removeable retainers for upper and lower teeth
  • Up to six replacement aligners
  • Removable retainers are provided at the end of your treatment to maintain your beautiful smile
  • Twelve months aftercare following your Invisalign Teen treatment
Procedure Cost
Consultation Fee £60
ClinCheck® (study models, treatment plan and report) £300
Invisalign Teen £4,500

For details of payment plans and a handy finance calculator see our Invisalign cost page.

Meet our Platinum Elite Invisalign expert

Dr Chi-Yuen Wong

Dr Chi-Yuen Wong

BDS (Lond)

Dr. Chi-Yuen Wong (GDC No: 74689), has built an excellent reputation for providing invisible braces and offers Invisalign Full, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign i7 and Invisalign Teen.

As a highly experienced Invisalign practitioner, Chi was recently awarded with the Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider status.

View Dr Wong’s profile

How does Invisalign Teen work?

Invisalign Teen works in the same way as other Invisalign methods - we create a custom set of aligners from a digital scan or impressions of your teenager’s teeth. These aligners are made from an extremely comfortable SmartTrack material, trimmed to fit their exact gumline, and do not have any sharp brackets or wires like traditional braces.

Every two weeks, you simply change to the next aligner in the series; bringing your teenager’s teeth closer and closer to their optimum position without the need for tedious wire trimming appointments.

Invisalign Teen treatment also has a number of special features to make teeth straightening for your child even simpler. The braces are especially designed to compensate for the eruption of new teeth – a common occurrence for many teenagers.

The Invisalign Teen teeth trays sport a handy blue wear-indicator to help your teen and our Bracknell dentists to better gauge wear time. This is a discreet little blue dot on the very back of the aligner which fades from blue to clear when it has been worn for the appropriate amount of time.

To be effective, Invisalign Teen braces must be worn for up to 22 hours a day, so this indicator will help them remember to put the aligner back in after eating.

We will also supply your teenager with six free individual replacement Invisalign Teen aligners in case any are lost, meaning that their teeth straightening treatment will not be disrupted should they accidently misplace their brace.

Quickly see how Invisalign transforms your smile

Try the NEW Invisalign SmileView experience

Crownwood SmileView Experience

Take a selfie and see your new smile in 60 seconds. Download the pdf and start your SmileView Experience.

Lottie’s Invisalign Journey at CrownWood

This beautiful smile makeover carried out by Dr Wong delivered excellent results for the patient.

These happy patients recently completed their Invisalign journeys at CrownWood Dental

Advanced 3D & digital technology that gives us the edge

Our practice is fully equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, enabling us to offer an enhanced patient experience as well as deliver the very best results.

This includes our superb iTero scanner, which offers great advantages in optimising the Invisalign treatment process.

Advanced 3D & digital technology

The benefits for you

  • See 3D digital modelling of the inside of your mouth for yourself on screen
  • On-site restorations and digital scans mean less appointments and reduced treatment times
  • Superb accuracy for better fitting results
  • No need for traditional impressions - digital scans are quicker, cleaner and more comfortable

Benefits of Invisalign Teen braces

The main reason so many of our patient opt for Invisalign Teen over traditional wire braces is, of course, for the appearance. You can read more about Invisalign vs. Braces here.

With no metal in sight, Invisalign Teen allows your child to straighten their teeth discreetly. The brace can also be easily removed for sports, for eating chewy and crunchy foods they would otherwise have to avoid with traditional braces, and for other important moments such as taking prom photos.

In addition to this, with Invisalign Teen, you and your child will also benefit from:

Complimentary replacements

As parents know all too well, kids have a habit of losing things at school and out of the home. One of the most useful aspects about Invisalign Teen is that it comes with as many as six replacement aligners entirely free; so you won’t need to worry about paying extra money should one be misplaced.

Perfect for growing teeth

Invisalign Teen works perfectly for those who still have growing and changing teeth. Its special features mean it can evolve as new molars erupt; effectively guiding new teeth and roots to where they need to be.

Easily monitored progression

With school, sports and friends, your teenager has a lot going on. Whilst easily removable braces are great for many reasons, remembering to put them back in can be difficult for busy teens.

The helpful wear time indicator means that you, your child and their dentist can check to see if they have worn their braces long enough to be effective. If there’s a problem, it means it can be corrected in time to ensure they still get the most out of their Invisalign Teen treatment.

Frequently asked questions

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