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Facial Massage

Anti-ageing facial massage you can do at home during the latest lockdown.

This is one of those fundamental steps a lot of people tend to leave out. Prior to your daily cleaning and moisturising routine, a facial massage is beneficial to our face because it helps with blood circulation, reduces wrinkles and lines and is a good way to slim down and detoxify lymph drainage of our face.  For those who wake up with a ‘puffy’ face, facial massage can help to reduce it.

It is simple to do a facial massage at home; it does not take long.  Simply remove your make up, cleanse your face with a facial cleanser, apply a layer of hydrating tonic on your face (and neck) and follow by using a good hydrating serum which is suitable for your skin condition. Then, use a couple of drops of facial oil and start the massage.

After 1-2 minutes of massaging your face and neck, you can finally apply the night moisturiser. After doing this regime for 3-4 weeks, you will be able to see a significant skin lift and glow in your face.

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