Preventing Tooth Decay

Four steps to preventing tooth decay

1. Drink only plain water, coffee/tea without sugar (adults only) or plain milk in between meals. Juices/fizzy drinks advertising as ‘low sugar’ or ‘sugar-free’ may still cause decay.

2. When you get hungry, eat only food or drink that does not contain sugar (see below for a suggested snack).

3. Have sugary foods, or drinks (including fresh and diluted juices) only at mealtimes, not between meals.

4. Brush your teeth, with a fluoride toothpaste, morning and night for 2 minutes each time and ‘Spit not rinse’- ensure you do not rinse your mouth with water following tooth brushing so that the fluoride in the toothpaste can protect your teeth against tooth decay.

Suggestions for snacks

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Carrot and cucumber sticks
  • Nuts (not for under 5 years old or those with a nut allergy)
  • Unsweetened crackers
  • Oatmeal biscuit
  • Crispbread
  • Rice cakes
  • Bread rolls
  • Toast
  • Any Cheese
  • Hummus
  • Marmite
  • Natural yoghurt
  • Savoury sandwiches (e.g. tuna and cucumber, egg and cress, cheese and carrot etc…)

Please note that the frequent consumption of fruit between meals can cause decay and erosion due to natural sugars and acids in the fruit.

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To book a hygiene appointment or for more information contact Lisa Bonello, our Patient Care Co-Ordinator, by email at

How it felt to have a Dental Hygiene appointment after 20+ years!

20 years……….I know, its Outrageous isnt it?

Definitely a long time to have not seen a dental hygienist and WAY OVERDUE!

Harneek Sangha and I both joined CrownWood Dental and MediSpa at the same time, so I thought it would be a good reason to book an appointment to see her.

To be honest, I did feel really nervous, plus I knew that my teeth were highly sensitive. PAIN was at the forefront of my mind…..I just thought…. this is going to HURT!

Back in the 90’s was the last time that I saw a hygienist and all I remember was a lot of scrapping, plus a sense of feeling like my teeth were being pulled out! Not a nice experience in my recollection.

I explained my anxiety and sensitivity to Harneek, she was very understanding and asked if I would like to have some sedation or numbing gel. YES was my immediate answer. As I’m not overtly keen on needles, I decided to go for the latter option…the numbing gel.

The gel took a few minutes to take effect and then Harneek got to work.

I was suitably surprised at how easy the whole process was. Harneek talked me through each stage and what all the noise correlated to. This put me at ease and I subsequently began to relax.

After the cleaning finished, which took around 25 minutes, Harneek showed me the results in a mirror…..WOW, they looked amazing, so CLEAN and FRESH, just fantastic. I could actually feel each individual tooth with my tongue.

After the cleaning, Harneek then worked her magic with the Airflow stain remover. This didn’t take much time at all and the results were impressive, my teeth looked much whiter and actually sparkled!

Literally, there was nothing to worry about! Hygiene appointments have certainly moved on since the 90’s. The process was PAIN FREE. I would highly recommend going to see a hygienist, you will be super excited about the results.

Thank you Harneek.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our three hygienists, Harneek, Aggie or Clare, please do call us on 01344 482 882 or email

Harneek Sangha – Hygienist
Aggie Rudzinska – Hygienist
Clare Draper – Hygienist

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For some visuals, I’ve attached a brochure about Airflow Stain removal which shows you the GREAT results that can be achieved, as well as Teeth whitening which we also offer here in the practice and home kits.