Today is World Health Day!

We just want to remind you how important oral health is in relation to your overall health, so please don’t forget to book regular check-ups.

You can find out more about World Health Day here:

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World Smile Day😁

Today is World Smile Day😁: 

Don’t forget to do something kind today to make someone smile – just a small act of kindness could mean the world.

To maintain your lovely smile please don’t forget to keep up good dental hygiene. 

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Introducing our new Dental Hygienist, Lida Basson.Lida completed her Diploma in Dental Hygiene in 2000 and now has over 20 years of experience as a dental hygienist. We’re very excited to have her on board. She will be joining CrownWood Dental & MediSpa which is very proud to be:

One of the top 5* Google rated dental practices in Berkshire (Over 200+ 5* reviews)

  • Highly experienced team
  • Fantastic treatment range
  • Competitive prices
  • The latest technology and treatments
  • Welcoming and modern clinic

To book your hygiene appointment with Lida, please call us on 01344 482 882



If you need a friendly, highly experienced and expert dental hygienist in Berkshire with a top reputation, our state-of-the-art Bracknell practice can help.

We are fortunate to have a fantastic team of dental hygienists here at CrownWood Dental.

Choose CrownWood for hygiene treatments and benefit from:
✔️ One of the top 5* Google rated skin care clinics in Berkshire (65+ 5* reviews)
✔️ Highly experienced team including a Specialist Periodontist
✔️ Fantastic treatment range
✔️ Competitive prices
✔️ The latest technology and treatments
✔️ Welcoming and modern clinic
✔️ No need to wait for an NHS appointment

To book a hygiene appointment ☎️ 01344 482 882 or 📩 Lisa, our Patient Care Co-ordinator, on

Harneek’s Hygiene Tips

We hope that everyone is keeping safe at home during this pandemic.

As we are unable to see patients for hygiene treatment, for now, prevention of gum disease and tooth decay is more important than ever.

Here are a few tips to keep your gums and teeth healthy whilst staying safe at home:

1. Brush your GUMS 2x daily, for 2 mins each time.
You should ensure you brush your gums last thing before bedtime, this is the most important time of the day to brush.

2. Use dental floss/tape or interdental brushes such as TePes 1x daily.
This will ensure removal of plaque in between your teeth, where your toothbrush cannot reach.

Long handled TePes are recommended for patients who may struggle to use the normal sized TEPEs- e.g. for patients with arthritis.

TePes are RE-USABLE, so after use, wash the brushes with water and re-use until the bristles become splayed and worn.

TePe interdental brushes and floss can be purchased directly from Reception after you have completed your hygiene appointment or due to the pandemic online or supermarkets.

If you notice your gums bleed when brushing or flossing, do not be alarmed. This may be a sign of gum disease, and the bleeding should reduce and stop within 7-14 days of effective daily toothbrushing and interdental cleaning.

3. Use a daily fluoride toothpaste containing high fluoride content such as Colgate or Aquafresh.

‘Spit not rinse’- ensure you do not rinse your mouth with water following tooth brushing so that the fluoride in the toothpaste can protect your teeth against tooth decay.

4. Mouthwash is NOT a recommended treatment for gum disease (except Corsodyl), so please focus your attention and energy on mechanical plaque removal with toothbrushing and floss/TePe use. Please be aware that Corsodyl mouthwash causes staining of the teeth.

To visit our Dental Hygiene page click here

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